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Become a model on HerHD

HerHD is the creation of the up and coming director/producer Eddie. Get a chance to be cast and work with some of the most talented Directors, Cinematographers and Screen Writers from around the world. Be a part of the most ground breaking erotic cinema ever seen online.

Together we create some of the classiest and most awarded adult art in the world.

HerHD is an adult and lifestyle brand that publishes the best, most diverse and most relevant content in adult, period.

What we are looking for

We are looking for models with natural beauty that turns heads. We accept models of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities. The one thing we favor above everything else is REAL and great personalities. We get a lot of casting applications every day so make yours count!

If you want to work with us apply here:

YOU MUST BE 18 or older to apply.

Email us a few things:

1. No need to send nude shots, just a few photos of you natural without too much make up.

                      A.) 1 close up face shot holding your driver’s license or I.D. card

                      B.) 1 head shot
                      C.) 3 full body shots in 3 different poses

2. Most importantly send your Instagram and or Facebook account details.


Please email us 


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